Tifani Truelove merges the sacred work of  the healer and the artist through creative workshop and ritual, reiki and massage, sound therapy, collage, and photography. In this she creates a safe and supportive space in which to anchor the creative energies of heaven to the material vibrations of planet earth. She is rooted within the belief that these modalities can advance the human potential through helping people transform the patterns of their bodies, their minds, and their lives.

We are dynamic human beings; our cells, blood, breath always in motion. Thus, even though a pattern has been set, it can be altered and brought to balance.

Tifani's mission is to restore, inspire, and connect balance and harmony to the patterns found in the bodies, minds, and souls of her clients through creative and inspiring modalities. Her interest in the healer and the artist and the idea that they are crucially united, allows her to treat clients with a greater sentiment as she creates sacred and creative space to assist her clients in finding profound connections themselves. She hopes to guide the client within, where they will find clarity and experience a renewed sense of wonder and understanding of wholeness as they allow the sacred arts to be a vehicle of awareness and transformation. 






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