Tifani Truelove merges the sacred arts of healing through workshop, massage, heartline, reiki, energy work, sound therapy, ritual, collage, and photography, creating a safe and supportive space in which to anchor one’s innermost commitments to authenticity, reinvigoration and transformation. Tifani’s photography, which has evolved and graced collective consciousness for more than two decades, is a dance between light and shadow, a kaleidoscopic vision of the subject’s authentic and unfettered soul. Inspired by romanticism, ancient archetypes and symbolism, the sacred feminine, ritual and magic, her work reveals the ethereal and divine relationship between self and the cosmic whole. Her photos, which are at once, sultry and mysterious, cast in a prismatic, psychedelic haze of the stylistic, sexual, and spiritual elements of generations past, are also present, poignant, frank, and vulnerable, timeless transparencies of pure flesh and bone. The combination of these experiential and ancient healing arts provides a space for true, unprecedented mirrorwork; for the journey to one’s deepest emotional and spiritual self must at first be glimpsed through the channel of Truelove.  



Photo by Carly Valentine



All photos on this site copyright Tifani Truelove.