The Offerings



The Offerings



intuitive massage

an hour and fifteen minute session. beginning with energetic connection to your specific intention or desire, grounding breath, aromatherapy, sound therapy, and a collaborative creation of space as the breath and the energetic body work guides relaxation.


includes the use of curated body oils created by Elisters Elixirs and Anointing oils by Sonia Karas.  

one hundred dollars


a healing technique intended to channel energy by means of light touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.  

an hour energy session infused with aromatherapy and a one card reading.

we will determine focus and create space through reiki

energy flows where attention goes.

sixty five dollars

light support

thirty minute energy sessions designed to help you find the support you need to get you through the rest of the day. 

designed for your lunch break, a check in, or just a mini session to cure your curiosities. centered around balancing and centering specific energy portals. 

twenty five dollars  

space to breathe

an hour dedicated to the cycle of 

give and take, 

release and let go. 

to the energy that connects us 

all as one, 

the breath. 

the use of sound and guided meditation alongside simple breathing techniques creates a space one can carry with them.  

ten dollars a person

group rates and corporate rates available

contact to schedule group sessions and watch for ongoing scheduled sessions. 



connect to the energy of goddess. unite and gather with the intention of invoking the sacred feminine through circle work, simple ritual, and community. Centered around the specific needs of your group, we will create sacred space for healing. Hold space in your place while my group of goddesses comes to you, creating the energy of self-love and care, nurturing the goddess within, and connecting to the energy of beauty and sisterhood.

group/party rates available.

perfect for intentional bachelorette parties, solar return, moon gatherings, ceremony, rites of passage,  baby blessings, etc. 

contact for a consultation/ intention setting/  to schedule group sessions.



goddess gathers

a bi-weekly sacred circle dedicated to the embodiment of the living goddess; to living the truth of your highest purpose as the divine feminine. a supportive space to come into your personal power, to awakening the path of your gifts, inspiring personal creative flow, and moving towards sacred unity.

through yoga, meditation, sacred circle work, trans-formative ritual/ceremony and open dialogue we support the goddess in all who join to RISE. turning the mundane into the magical through the beautiful support of sisterhood!!!

ongoing Goddess Circles happen every First Thursday at Firefly Hollow Wellness center and Third Thursday at Twelfth House Healing.


twenty five dollars 


cleansings and blessings

a house call to cleanse and bless your new or old space. to establish boundaries and set intentions. 

an hour session in your home.

includes a three card reading, co-creation of sacred space which may but is not limited to include breath/sound/movement , cleansing/blessing of the space with sacred herbs and smoke, and a cohesive plan to keep your space clear and protected. 

seventy five dollars 


mirror work

intentional photographic sessions designed to mirror your truest self. 

for the artists, the musicians, the healers, and the dreamers. 

includes a three card reading via email to inspire direction/intention and design ,an in-depth consultation, an hour of mirror work (portrait making) , and an online album with print, share and download capability.

great for promotional photos, album art, or ceremonial rites of passage. 

 two hundred and fifty dollars