The Heartline





The 💓Heartline’s 💓main objective is to 🌐connect🌐 you to your 💖heart💖.

A  ☁️donation ☁️based hotline open to connect in and be present with the almighty 🔔rhythm 🔔that is creating your flow.

Call in to feel the lightness of your being and to remember your mission. 

Lightness of being is just a 15 minute phone call away! 

I can not wait to OPEN with you.

💓🌟💓🏁Lines open 7th, 11th, 22nd. 🏁💓🌟💓 🙏🏼

Donations accepted!

Venmo: theheartline717

PayPal: TheHeartline717


Poster design by: Hollysimple

Stop Animation and Video by : Adam Lenhart