Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events





Goddess Circle

First Thursday of every month

Firefly Wellness Center

$25.00 drop in
$20.00 if you buy more than one class

A monthly sacred circle dedicated to the embodiment of the living goddess; to living the truth of your highest purpose as the divine feminine. A supportive space to come into your personal power, to awakening the path of your gifts, inspiring personal creative flow, and moving towards sacred unity. Through yoga, meditation, sacred circle work, transformative ritual, and open dialogue we will support the goddess in all who join to RISE, turning the mundane into the magical through the beautiful support of sisterhood!!! Join us!

Call 717-814-9136 to register


Space To Breathe

Wednesday Evenings, 7-8pm

Next Session: February 7th-March 21

Wellspan CMBH

Create some space to tune in to the rhythm that connects us to life. Through simple breathing techniques, guided meditation, and conversation new space opens to connect with the deepest self. It's a practice of remembering to breathe. 

Register Here


Yoga Flow With Juany Santos and Evolution Power Yoga


Oneness Music Flow

Vinyasa flow + Music and Meditation

Experience a new dimension in your practice through the addition of music. Let your body flow with your breath, follow the beat, and be uplifted. 

Music mix provided by Juany of Skysociety and guided meditation with Tifani Truelove.



Heart Line

Coming SOON!


 Aphrodite Invocation

Next Date TBA

The myth of Aphrodite is a powerful symbol for the wisdom of Love which rests within a woman's heart. The embodiment of feminine receptiveness and flow. Through her, the eternal longing for unity and eternity is quenched.
Join us as we move into the heart and allow our human love to be transformed to the eternal. Create a bond with the magical goddess as she surrounds you in her magic. Take time to open yourself to the possibilities that exist with the enjoyment of pleasure and open to the experience of your senses through intentional space! Explore and invoke the essence of Aphrodite through sacred ritual, ecstatic dance, and nurturing care as we discover what it means to embody true love .