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The stories that have risen from silence.

Sitting on the living room floor listening to electronica with a piece of Calcite on my head.

Contemplating where to start.

Does it begin in the drama? In the story?In the places where I’ve been? Neglected to go? Or does it start where I am at.

Looking for direction where there at times seems to be only me.

So, I let the thoughts carry me.

A funny thing, to trust thin air.

The stories that have risen there:

The stories I’ve been told through my mother’s movements.

The stories her mother has been told through the way our bodies have grown.

The stories her mother has been told through the resources.

In her earth.

On the still lakes.

Their tone.

I realize:

We are creating the things that help us understand

The stories that have risen from silence.

Tifani Truelove
Fox Run III

It rained and rained and a lot of things were rearranged but honestly, this year was one of the tightest we've run on production thus far and we learned A LOT. We see more now about the ways things can be organized, the ways they can grow, and our team is streamlined as fuck. Not to mention, the women who keep returning to play in the rain with us are fucking incredible sources of courage and power. I woke up on Saturday morning and got the most delicious hand pie from Constellation Collective and sat and listened to the most hilarious stories of a rained out sleep, of mother/daughter bonding, and of strategies to make it all better. They were all told through laughter, supported by coffee, and shared with the heart of friendship. It makes it easier to get through the discomfort when you are among friends and I can honestly say, every year, it gets friendlier . May the fox run serve as a friendly place for women to gather along their journey on the road for years to come and may the third year act as a turning point for the clouds. I love you ladies. Thank you for everything.  


Tifani Truelove
Lakshmi Virtual Altar

I have been working a lot with transforming this deep condition of lack I have into an abundant connection to love. I have realized recently how deep this idea that there is not enough has been drilled into my brain( Hello, capitalism). Don't get me wrong, I have always known that this is something I contain, and honestly, something I think most humans must at some point face,  but as I grow older it seems that my brain is gaining more awareness of the places that truly limit me and gaining more motivation to transform. Through exploration it seems this belief goes much deeper than" there is not enough" and upon deeper research I realize that it  is truly routed in the idea that "I AM not enough." The energy of this makes me feel competitive and keeps me in a state of survival. It keeps me in a place of seeking externally and when I am in the this belief I do not feel like myself. As I rise, I realize how important it is to bring some love to this belief and begin working on clearing the many imprints I have received throughout this lifetime to lodge that condition, that thought/feeling into my being. 

When I look around at the rooms in my house and in my mind and heart and I look at the people who surround me and I look at the personal successes of my story and my career or when I feel into my spine it is VERY clear that I AM more than enough. BEAUTY ABOUNDS AND THERE IS ABUNDANCE EVERYWHERE. I am a part of that. It is only in this THOUGHT, which through the incredible power of my brain and the BODYMIND connection that it has become a FEELING,  I separate from the experience of  the present moment, from what is real. There is a pattern in my BODYMIND that I resort to in moments of auto-pilot or reaction to triggering situations, keeping me distant from the deep seated gratitude and recognition that my heart so deeply longs for. To the feeling of TRUE LOVE and Gratitude I experience when I am awake and in awareness. When I look around and see what is truly here, it is MORE THAN ENOUGH. So then, this becomes my practice. Removing the judgement from this condition, and

Replacing Lack with Love. 

This Thursday night at Firefly Hollow, myself and Megan, will be hosting our monthly Goddess circle. We will be focusing in on Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity. As I sink into the energy of this master being, I feel that it is not only within the material riches that she offers her greatest gifts, but within a realignment to our true values that she offers great abundance. We find a connection to Spirit and Material here in her awareness.  I find that if I am aligned with the energy of  LOVE it is easy to move out of the experience of the energy of poverty or Lack. It is not in what we have accumulated materially but it is in what we have in HEART that prospers.  What we can give from a place of freedom to the world around us that grows. She is showing me that in true FLOW there is a surrender to trust. Realizing that the more I give the more I get. A natural balance is consistently being maintained here on earth. With or without our awareness.  I find this place easy to access in the breath. I know that this is a theme I am constantly returning to, but honestly, it is where I learn the most and also, it is the life force propelling this experience. I can connect my mind to my body so simply through the inhale and exhale and so we can see here, that the deeper I exhale the more space I have to receive a full inhale. The more I inhale the more I have to give on the exhale. It is a constant flow of give and take and thankfully, we have an abundance of air surrounding us!! Right there is a beautiful place to anchor to prosperity when I find myself coming back into that limiting belief. There is space for expansion in the energies of Lakshmi. If we remove the blocks we have from truly receiving she will be there to fill that open space with her golden coins of prosperity. 

I spent a lot of time yesterday creating an altar for my money. A place where it can come to rest and be cleansed. A place where it can be seen and blessed before it is spent again. I offered it oils and candles, I made a pile of my favorite coins, added a photo of Lakshmi I found at the thrift store, the Attitude/ Gratitude print I got from BurritoBreath, I put AMMA's feet there, and Isobel's lock of hair. I framed the whole thing in gold curtains and lit candles and incense. There are so many powerful visuals in this space for me it is hard to deny the power I have to transform and tune in when I look at it. It is available to us. We are more than enough. I am more than enough.  As I will it, so will it be. Through love and awareness we can shift the perspective of our experiences fluidly. It just takes practice! 


Thanks for reading and if you are interested in working more deeply with me to transform this pattern in your own life, please feel free to contact me. If you want to join us tomorrow to tune in to Lakshmi deeper and sit in sacred circle with us, register here:  GODDESS CIRCLE

Tifani Truelove
The Word as Wand

Connected to the people. Expanding the understanding of Love. Connection. Energy. Humanity. Breathing authentically as the divine expression of IAM , We Are. Space for the experience of Freedom. TRUE acceptance exists. The healer and the artist in unity. Creating an ART that HEALS. Finding breath that HEALS.  Co-creating. WITH IT.  Offering Retreat. FROM IT. Open to possibility. OPEN IT. A new Future.   Ecstatic Joy. Found in Dancing. Lost in Laughter. In the language of HEART.  SPEAK IT.  Into ExisTence. Pink satin and sky blues. An ENDLESS and LIMITLESS and UNCONDITIONAL experience of giving. An ENDLESS and LIMITLESS and UNCONDITIONAL experience of receiving. 

Tifani Truelove
Early Life Forms

I was quite taken back by the way that Early Life Forms moved me. I had the chance to see them last weekend at the Kaleidoscope and their Lo- Fi, heavy melodies, merged with energetic transformative rhythms left me feeling different than I was before.  A certain type of magic surrounds these men. I was so surprised to find out that they have recently come together through Evan's vision of E.L.F.'s evolution mostly because they conversed like family and were so genuinely kind to each other. It felt to me that this particular order of Early Life Forms could very well have been creating together many life forms before, but honestly, who is to say anything about that. Listen for yourself on their BandCamp page or even better, see for yourself at one of their upcoming shows. You will grow through it. 

Thank you so much for inviting me out, Evan.

I see you!! 

Tifani Truelove
Stories with the Moon

I have been photographing Megan's journey through sound for many, many moons now. It is such an incredible honor to see the depths that are reached when her vision is expressed with clarity. These are some outtakes taken while shooting for The Wild Hymn's new album, Stores with the Moon, which is most certainly their deepest album yet. It is set to crowd fund now. If you are interested in seeing this album come even more alive you can support them by pre-ordering the album, sharing, or donation funds to receive some really cool offerings via their Indie- GOGO page. You can visit to learn more and click through to support them!

It was so much fun creating the visuals to accompany this album. I do not think these specific images will make the album's final cut but in my opinion they really capture the magical and playful element that these two share. I am so excited for the new album and can not wait to share more of the images we created! Until then, support cool people who do cool shit!! 


Tifani Truelove

I was talking with my sister on the telephone a few weeks back and we laughed about my love for winter. She told me it was because I was such a hopeless romantic. A feeler. That it gave me the opportunity to stay inside and feel myself. I appreciated the insight. She sees far beyond seeing. It was true. This winter has been giving me a lot of opportunities to feel into the places that had been long forgotten.

I gave way to remembering the places that deeply desire for the kind of connection I imagine only the rose bush feels as the sun pulls away.  Pulling towards the places that have been neglected. The deep dry roots buried beneath the earth, withering but holding on in support of the branches. To the places that have been over-extended and begging for mercy. I give way. Mercy for what lies far out of control. I give way. Mercy for the parts that ache and pain. I give way. Mercy for the begging. I give way. Mercy for what must lie to earth. I give way.  And I lie there.  In Surrender. I lie there.  Giving way with deep exhalation. Letting myself empty. I let myself empty. Deeper than I have before. 





I give way. 

and it is within that mercy that I find myself receiving. 

I find myself fed. 

Winter's last coat; WHITE LIGHT,  slowly sinking into my bones. I will wait here for her to come calling and I TRUST that she WILL. Transform me. 

I was talking with my sister on the telephone a few weeks back and we laughed about my love for winter. She told me it was just who I was and that I have always been this way. A feeler.  It was true. This winter has been giving me a lot of opportunities to remember. 


Happy Equinox. 





Tifani Truelove
So Mote It Be

I work a lot with the breath. Connecting groups of people to the space available there and helping myself to remember what is available in every moment. The opportunity to receive through the inhale and the opportunity to give through the exhale. I see this relationship reflected in everything that I do nowadays. A constant flux of giving and receiving. I loved the way that this coat showed me something about letting go. I have maintained a stand at Redeux Vintage for the last few years as a way to stay in healthy relationship with the material object. I am constanlt acquiring things to photograph or create with and I have a very Venetion relationship to fashion, and well, life, and so this stand allows for me to flow in it without much loss. Every now and then a piece will come along that I want to hold onto, even though I know it is not for me. This coat was an incredible example of that relationship. It is the perfect coat. Soft, heavy velvet,  shiny, silver buttons,  a floral silk lining, and a movement that swings. It was so hard to deny that it didn't fit me perfectly. It was restricting my SHOULDers and the irony of " I SHOULD keep it anyway" was not lost on this symbolic Pisces. I realized quickly that the most magical thing this jacket was going to teach me was letting go of what is not made for me, the things that do not fit, the things that don't feel perfect. There are a lot of these things popping up for me, lately. Relationships with people, business, food, objects, you name it, all of the things that don't feel good anymore are leaving with my exhale and within their departure I am realizing how much more space is being made available for me to really receive what serves me; a deeper inhale. I really appreciate the magic of the material object as teacher and I am really looking forward to this coat finding it's rightful Witch. I am happy to be the catalyst for things finding their right place and witnessing the ways it puts me in mine. I am exactly where I belong, RIGHT HERE, breathing deep, in clothes that are fit for me.  

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentines Day. May it be filled with the things that feel really good for you and may everything else be BANISHED!!!!

So Mote it Be. 


Hair and Makeup by Josephine Love



Tifani Truelove
Mare Cromwell



Mare Cromwell is a Gaia Priestess, healer, author, and international speaker. Her newest book, The Great Mother Bible, is a testimony to her connection with Mother and a culmination of her deepest work. She is also the founder of the 1000 Goddess Gathering, which is approaching it's second year. I loved the opportunity I had to question her about the process of receiving this call to write and to gather and how she overcomes the urge to shrink when faced with visions so grand. She expressed that it comes with a deep trust and surrender to the Mother, or what is also known as Mother Earth.  It was such an honor to watch the ways in which she has truly surrendered in her presentation of the information she receives from this source and I felt the deep sense of support she experiences within it. Watching her offer her prayers, hold space, and channel was so inspiring to me and made me feel extremely safe to surrender to my own gifts. I would highly recommend checking out Mare's website for more information and keep your eyes peeled as she returns to York, Pa in March at Firefly Hollow to present  "Awakening Our Womb Wisdom"

Tifani Truelove

/ " Force of Time"/

She stands outside of the constraints of space-time. 

There is Nothing  permanent. 

She was before the universe and will continue long after it's end.

Kali Ma. 


Tifani Truelove
Journey into the next dimension

We are now ending the second week of 2018 and I am feeling really excited about the way that it all feels. Thus far this winter has brought me so close to my earth. The pollution and fears that lurk the forests unseen but also the loving and nurturing love chord of the Mother. I am making a lot of bold moves this year, taking risks in my career, finding balance in my life, and organizing my money( for the first time ever) all as a means to offer myself to my community from a place of clarity. Moira is a big part of the transformation of relationship I am finding in myself. This place feels like a physical manifestation of my souls deepest yearnings. A place to bring together intention and celebration, magic, people, and art. All of the pieces fall together there like clock work and I can tell that what is being built is going to be strong and beautiful and transformational. We spent the New Year gathered with our nearest and dearest in an intimate event planned by Sky Society and produced by Lost Sugar Disco. The evening started out in a sort of timeless lounge scene vibe with Tuck Ryan Band. I created some Space to Breathe as we allowed ourselves to receive in meditation, Megan Woodland offered us her voice in celebration and it shifted into a hazy, poetic reverberation by Ehiorobo .  Sky Society and Joe Martin lead us into the very early morning of 2018 in a state of bliss as we created grooves in the floor boards and got low to the earth. All in all, it was the beginning of something undeniably beautiful, unifying,and intentional. I am so excited to be a part of this collective and can not wait to continue to expand my offerings to the city of Lancaster, here. It feels more clear than ever before.  It makes me think of the way it would feel when I was a kid and would take a really high jump without any fear. It is this beautiful mixture of excitement and anxiety but I know that the deeper I ground the higher I rise and holy shit am I ready!! Keep your eyes peeled because this party is just getting started and I really want you there!  I love you and Happy New Year! 

Tifani Truelove
The Wild Hymns


It is such an incredible honor to have been a part of the creation of The Wild Hymn's first music video. I could not be happier to have this as my first offering of the New year. I am really opening myself to merge the healing arts with my photography and this video is such a beautiful token of what occurs when it happens. I am thankful for my community and all that we are capable of. 

Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!

 Tifani Truelove/Tifani Truelove Photographyy (videography) / Tiffany Echo Wolf(production/direction/editing) (aka Lost Sugar Disco, LLC..) - Logan Kurtek (editing) - Seventh Wave Studio (recording/engineering) - Shelley Herlihy (harmony vox) - John Protopapas (sitar and percussion) - Tench Tillman (drums) - Cindy David (bass) - Clem Foust (pedal steel guitar) 

Tifani Truelove

Yesterday a wave of nostalgia came over me as I packed up a bunch of white doves from the props I had gathered at Redeux. My father's favorite Christmas ornament was an old dove he had carried with him and it was always revered as this sacred object in our family. We would laugh about finding the perfect spot for it on the tree and make a real fuss over his sentimentality. It was a really nice thing to remember as it had been lost in the attics of my mind, collecting dust with the rest of the holiday ornaments. Reflecting on this dove and my father's sentimentality offered me a moment of peace.  

There is a purity offered to us this time of year, as the light begins to return on the solstice and if by chance, we are blessed with a fresh snow..silent moments to reflect and connect with what really matters as we all find exactly what we need among a cold and barren earth. It felt really good to breath that in. It is so easy to get distracted, easy to forget that what we have before us is all we truly need. The gift of this season lies in these small moments of connection between human hearts. I am wishing that for you all and of course,


Tifani Truelove
Holy Cow

On my journey to giving up dairy completely, once again, I decided to watch some videos yesterday morning about the dairy industry. Needless to say, it helped. I moved through my early afternoon with ease, transmuting some of the pain I saw through compassionate action. Joe and I packed up the car and headed East for a solstice gathering. On our way, while taking in the bare Pennsylvania landscapes, we were passing one of my favorite hill side cow farms. I laughed hysterically at one of the big mamas I saw, sprawled out on her side, utters loose and hanging, completely surrendered to the earth. Then it hit me, " WHAT IF SHE WAS DEAD?" Had this winter already become so twisted that I was now laughing at a dead cow? Quickly I grabbed my phone. GOOGLE: Do cows sleep on their sides?!?!? I found relief in the answers. Cows do sleep on their sides in the case that they have a partner to keep watch. My heart melted. What incredible medicine this holy cow had offered me. I reflected on the ways I relaxed in my sense of partnership to joe, in my friendships, and in myself when I found a sense of trust. I don't know too much about astrology, only what my sisters tell me and some things that I intuitively feel, but at the solstice I learned that as a collective we are all moving into the unknown. Into the darkness, the depths of winter. We are becoming more still, slower, deeper, allowing things to die away. I can see it in my life. I watch myself hold on and grip out of fear to some of the things I know don't serve me, or the things I can't imagine living without. A resistance to rest and surrender. A resistance to receive.  It seems natural as there are a lot of places I am not sure about but being nudged to move forward in. I am building strength and confidence in areas I have never been before. I am finding more ways to trust. Dana related this to fog. How, when we are driving through the fog we get to see only ten feet in front us. We move forward with what we have and we do it with the faith that we will see what we need to when we get there. I am seeing it in the way this cow mama showed me to close my eyes and rest. To let go and relax and to I have faith in the support I find in my connection to earth, the sacred body. In the watchful nature of my awareness and its soft and nurturing guidance.  And in the people of my community as they offer me the resources I need to be whole. 


I honor this sacred mother.

Her ability to feed,

to nourish,

to nurture,

and to die

for the whole. 

May we all come into right relationship with the ways we surrender and receive. 

(These are not my images )

Tifani Truelove