Sylvia Chang

I was talking with a friend a few days ago about how sometimes people come into your life and you can tell it is angelic by the way that you immediately connect. That is what it was like when I met my angel, Sylvie. She immediately felt like my family. It is her birthday this weekend and I am reflecting so deeply on this vibrant and inspiring soul. She is otherworldly. She is both raw truth and glittery illusion. She exists in pale pink, sultry musk, and the glow of the moon. She is familiar, serpent, and queen. I am reflecting on her exuberant laughter and expressive eyes. The ways she will empty her purse on the floor, invite you to her nail polish party, and ask you to spill your guts on the carpet. I am reflecting on her honesty and her grace. Her endless love and loyalty. Her ferocious and protective nature, her just and honorable heart, and the way she loves when she feels safe. I  have never met a force like Sylvia before and I truly admire the strength, the abandon, the fearlessness of her character. There are no true words for the nature of this being but I really do love her. 

Sylvia Chang,

I hope this year brings you all of the love, support, and kindness you deserve. I hope it is filled with the best dresses, the perfect polish, Charlie perfume, all of the virtual stimulation you can get, a ton of money, and a deep understanding of your worth and your value to this world. Thank you for showing me mine. You are priceless. Happy Birthday, baby. 

Forever and Always,

Tifani Truelove 


Helena and Wyatt believe in love. I remember the first time Helena told me, with giant heart shaped eyes, that he was "the one".  She told me that she knew that this was it and that it was going to last forever. I smiled and I believed her the way I believe people in love. Then I met him and I saw the way their energy danced together, the way time stopped around them, and the way that they just seemed to fit. Romantic abstractions, a story beyond mind, as it was only a few short months after she first introduced me that they felt confident enough within what they had found to marry. A simple and intimate ceremony for family followed by well wishes as they embark on their next big adventure; building a life together in Japan. This is what love is like though. It changes everything, expands the possibilities, and takes you to the places you were afraid to go alone. 

Best wishes to you both and see you soon! 

Check out the rest of this set on Sage&Swan !

Lily X Truelove

I remember back to school shopping with my mom. It was always my favorite time of year as I got the chance to reinvent myself, to show the rest of my peer group what I learned and the ways I was transformed over the summer. I have always reserved the right to be whoever I wanted to be, day to day, which in turn has resulted in a very eclectic wardrobe.  Lilith Rentzel and I have always related in that way. We started playing dress up together a few years ago and have really fed each other creatively. We have recently combined forces in a stand at Redeux Market and hope to bring a curation of vintage items to our community that inspire self expression, adornment, and the freedom to play!  

Visit our stand and keep your eyes peeled for more great looks as our vision has just begun to expand!!!

A special thanks to artist extraordinaire, Abby Landis, for being our lovely subject! 

The Ones Who Stay

I have known Kristen and Brent since jr. high. Watching them fall in love as teenagers and hold that love into adulthood has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. To watch true love stay and to watch it flourish in honesty, authenticity, and truth is something a lot of people don't get to see.  Now, I get to watch this love grow into three and it is so beautiful to witness her holding this child in the kind of realness that somehow exists for her beside grace, simultaneously. To watch Brent in his vulnerability is to watch him rise into what it means to be a father and I am beyond honored to share a part in the lives of these people. They hold a bar of unconditional love and acceptance like no other and what is being created through it is going to change the world. 

I am so excited for you both and thank you for the opportunity to archive something so beautiful ( Seriously Kristen, WTF) and so important. All hail, child Gregory!!!!  

Walking for Water

 My father recently got his DNA tested. Turns out he is less Irish than we thought, more Italian than we realized, and also, like every person living on the planet, his DNA can be traced back to one woman in eastern Africa who lived 150,000 years ago. He is still carrying .05% of her DNA.  This gene, connecting all of us, in the mother. 

I observed this mother quietly as Victoria directed her girls into the water. My heart was touched as I watched the joy of the children making contact with it and the expressions of community as I watched the  women move with grace and caution into position, staying close to each other for support. There was something so rich in these small moments. In the things that we all share. The earth in our flesh and bone, the fires that ignite and transform us, the breath that supports and entwines us, and the waters that are constantly cycling for our survival, nourishing and cleansing us. The place where we all meet. Much like the textiles Victoria chose in these looks, we come together in a tapestry of beautiful pattern around the water. We have all had to seek nourishment to sustain life on this planet. We are richer, more interesting, and much stronger, when we walk in our search for life together. 

Victoria Kageni is a designer from Kenya, now living and working in York, Pa. She is dedicated to educating and building diverse community. Check out her website for more information or visit her shop, Gusa by Victoria, to get involved. 


This Saturday night the Lost Sugar Disco is presenting an immersive installation that we could not be more excited about. Join us for four distinct video installations by Jake Hangen woven alongside sonic improvisations by Helena Protopapas. We got our hands on about 15 projectors, an empty warehouse, a dance troupe, and a ton of mattresses.  Relax and sink into the union of color, movement, and sound.

We are hosting this as two separate performances. The first and earlier performance is family oriented and children are welcomed!!! We are hosting the later and second performance as a church style lock in to encourage those traveling  to stay the night and wake up with us. You are not required to stay the night but we would love to host you with fresh fruit in the morning and some down tempo beats by Joe Martin.  

Check out the facebook event for more info and to RSVP. 

Thin Air

My Summer has been extremely full. Among the weddings I am booking with Sage & Swan, preparing for the installation Tiffany and I are installing at Burning Man, and trying to fit in healing sessions I said yes when the the Parliament gallery in York asked me to do a show on tattoos. In the true state of YES I worked my ass of in the time that I had to make that happen. I wish I was better at reflecting on my process and sharing it because there was so much beauty in making the show real and the body of work that is forming as a result of it. It is hanging now until the end of August. If you are interested in the bodies progress go check it out.  

One of my current goals is to get better at making this blog a consistent and honest place.  I would like to actually keep track of what is happening for me. There are so many thoughts and processes occurring for me all of the time and I hope to be able to witness and reflect on them here...for whatever or whoever it will serve. To be honest, I don't even know if people look at blogs so maybe it will be for me alone, and well, that will be totally fine too. I need a place to organize myself. 

 So, the Summer Look book was super late as a result of poor time management. I have a tendency to get lost in chaos. I will say yes to a million things at once and do it with all of my heart but without any real organization in the process. It can be really frustrating and I recognize it as something I must embrace about myself and also refine as to prevent future stress. I am grateful for graceful collaborators and those that understand what it means to be both an artist and a boss ass bitch. Every day, I am getting better at the game.  YOGA HELPS.

I am really happy with the way this look book came together as there was a last minute model cancellation and it changed the direction, totally. These two came through in a flash.  A lot of the jewelry in these looks was provided by Hell Hound Jewelry and if you aren't currently following the cool shit that she is doing, I suggest you check it out. All of the clothing was provided by the amazing vendors of Redeux Market in York. One of the most amazing collections of vintage items around.  I am also so grateful for Missy Jones, who owns the magical goats featured in this look book and granted us access to this incredible location.  If you are looking for a designer that has her shit together and knows how to run it, you just found her.   If you want to see the rest of the looks or the goats in this  lookbook , check out Redeux's blog!

 Anyway, thank you for looking and like I said, here is to hoping that I get better at being consistent here..and well, everywhere! I am really practicing.  xoxoxo 

Spring Hymns

How often do you allow yourself to be soft? This question, posed to me, between the inhale. When my belly is full and I am still. In that moment where Nothing is happening. That moment where we are just free, floating. I think this is where Gabriella exists. You can meet her in that space. An awareness of how soft one can be. It is triggered in her presence. I found myself in a moment so quiet, so still, so soft, lying pink petals on her dewey skin, that what existed around us, a busy york city street,  seemed to transform into a harmony. The essence of Spring. The life within everything, the ways that it is connected, and the surrender available to us, regardless of where we be. She is safe to soften and so she does.

I am focusing myself to do the same. Longer inhales, allowing my belly to be totally full, and softening in that small moment before I let go. 

Check out Gabriella in her band, Port Ellis. A York based space dream that will help you get into your feelings about the situation. A sound that will transform the way your day is going, if just for a few moments. It will help you breathe deeper. 

Say it soft and it's almost like praying.


I sometimes take a step back from my heart's story and realize that I have truly made it my business to fall in love. A child of Aphrodite, consistently learning the ways that my spirituality is intertwined with my sensuality. I experience a connection to the divine through the way it feels to truly be in my body. The way it feels to connect with someone else, to touch, to smell, to see something that inspires me. To nurture the wild and untamed ways of my heart, to go where it takes me, and to trust that I am safe to experience joy. The more I realize myself, the deeper I go into this personal mission, you could say. To bring the concept of Heaven to Earth. To start anchoring the realms of pleasure and true love to the moment, so that something new and beautiful may be created. To connect to my natural state, that of the divine feminine. That of a spiritual radiant being having a sensual and ecstatic human experience. I open my heart to the way pink velvet feels, to the ways shiny metals reflect light, to dank incense unfurling. I allow myself to experience soft layers and flowing floral fabrics. I allow my hips to express their deepest desires while walking. I listen to the layers of sound that create my favorite songs and I appreciate the curves of the women that surround me. I take time when I caress my lover knowing that these sensations won't last forever. I breathe deep and sing loud, I feel into my joy, let go of my shame, and truly allow the divine to be expressed through me. This is Aphrodite. This is the one who has led me to Truelove , the pain staking need for deep connection. Today as I reflect on my nature, the romance, my heart's story, I wonder how others connect to what is sensual. To the ways that experiencing the senses connects us to Heaven.

What does sensuality feel like to you?

What does it look like?

How do you experience it?

How do you cultivate it?


May you move from the place where creation sits,

Tifani Truelove





Baby Brains

I had crossed paths with Amanda a few times within the local scene and never had the opportunity to introduce myself. It was obvious to me that time would eventually forge a connection as I have a really special way of noticing love at first sight. It also could have just been the way she was wearing her leather jacket or the fact that we were both seeing the same bands or the incredibly fierce presence she holds and my attraction to insanely bad ass chicks but I would like to think of it holding something more mysterious.  Personally, I believe in the power of rock and roll and it's ability to bring us together.  We spent the afternoon exploring the streets while exchanging city stories and found quite a few intersections. Turns out she's got the look but as suspected it's way deeper than all of that. She's also got the heart, the courage, and an ability to facilitate the sound. You know, the one all of us fuzz freaks are looking for: THE SOUND. She is bringing it all together through Baby Brains and if you have any brains at all, you're gonna keep this mega babe on your fuzzy rock and roll radar. She's coming up. 



Dear Heart

Watching a woman come into her body, honor her attributes, and embrace the parts that feel unsure must be one of the greatest pleasures on earth. The female form is an untouchable, unstoppable force and it is part of my work to capture the light of a woman in full embodiment of her power, her sexuality, and her freedom. Josephine Love and I have been working in collaboration to create a space that honors this process and Emily was a perfect fit for this session. There is something so naturally playful and innocent about these images for me. While editing, I found that the images that struck me the most were the ones of her laughing, enjoying herself, exposed and open. She exudes a joy that engages from an inquisitive heart and holds a mystery that seeks to be fearlessly explored. Within this, she is the divine feminine. Receiving, soft, flowing, open. She inspires me to relax, to smile, and to have more fun.  I hope that the every session Josephine and I create from this point on will be inspired and blessed by the energy she offered us. Thank you, Emily!!!

Viva La Revolution

As we all struggle to find our voices in the current political climate, I love the idea of allowing fashion to speak for us. The idea of using items which have already lived through the past to guide us into the action our hearts are pulling us towards, Now.  Whether it is the feeling an ensemble invokes that brings us closer on the streets, a passing inspiration expressed without a word, a full blown accessorized protest  , a personal decision to put our money where our mouth is ( REUSE) , or the courage it takes to choose something new and out of the ordinary , I believe that all of it is possible through the choices we make each morning as we arm ourselves with clothing that expresses our freedom and our truth. That is why I love styling vintage clothing. Not only is it accessible, these pieces hold the reverberations of days long past, protecting us in a way with their history. Making us all the wiser for keeping them alive and close.  These looks are all about the individuals freedom, the uniting factors, and the voice of a new generation. May they be carried, like these articles of clothing, long into the future. 

Special thanks to Britta Pollard and Melissa Shine for their part in this look book.

Styled and Photographed for Redeux Market. 

Softer, Now.

I think there is a lot of connection available in what we are all feeling right now. Personally, I have been struggling to find my place amidst the chaos, my voice amidst the screaming, and my heart amidst the aching pain and simultaneous joy but I am allowing myself to listen a little deeper and can often, from that place of attention, sink deeply into my wisdom. I can pull my body from the sky through an expanded self care ritual and awareness practices to help me remain focused on what is going to expand the experience deeper into love. I have started recording my voice, reading fiction, and making sure I physically challenge myself everyday. In a way I can see that all of the tools I have acquired through my studies up to this point are now being called to use in deeper, more dedicated ways. I have everything I need to conquer and rule in Love. As saddened as I have been over the last few weeks my heart has been opening in joy and connection in the most random places. I can see that it is through this state of vulnerability, our hearts and our fears exposed, we are opening to reach out to each other, to share, to soften. I am finding comfort in that. Making my stance transparent through my eye contact, through my touch, through the song of spontaneous conversation, and through a commitment to the ancient process of creation. When I choose to open with that intention ,  I see the energy of earthly connection bringing it all together. I can relax in knowing that Love conquers all. We live for it, we yearn for it, we need it and it is all right here. No matter what this man, that man, your old man, WOman  or uncle sam has ever told you, you are NO MAN's victim. You are an expression of pure and unbridled love , and it is through authentic connection to that place within you, to that truth, that life will put you in your true place. Trust. We have the ability to expand bigger than any energy that stands before us through the invocations of love.  Now is no time to shrink.  Please, don't forget that. 

This session of Alisha was photographed during one of the last warm days of 2016. We created a beautiful intention before planning our time together. We connected to the dirt through simple but invoking ritual, we broke through illusion and self doubt, and we created something beautiful, together. We created something to remember her power and her grace in. A moment in time carved out with intention that we can go back and visit when the sun starts to set. A place to meet and connect with Alisha in the softness of her femininity, in the fierceness of her courage, in her willingness to open up and expose her heart, and in her embrace of it all. 

I am so grateful for the opportunities I get To bring you all closer. My dream is to continue to  make the moments together that will feed the future of all of us. 

Forever and Always,

Tifani Truelove 

In a Fit

I promised myself that this year I would begin a self portrait series. When I was in college a majority of my work was self portraiture. I was going through a lot of transition then so it offered me some perspective on where I was at. I am in my thirties now, about to be thirty one in March, and with the current political climate and a certain coming of adulthood, I feel this draw to get really honest with myself. To practice creating honest space to witness myself and perhaps urge certain parts of myself to come out of hiding, to be seen. I spent a few weeks trying to conceptualize my first portrait and I noticed that it was holding me up. I was hesitating. On the morning of the full moon I decided that I would just sit down and begin exploring. I had no vision and just went with my movements. This is what came out.  To be honest, it shook me to see. I am allowing myself to find creative and constructive ways to express anger for the first time in my adult life. I was running a lot last week.  I am really looking forward to continuing to create this practice for myself. Set to shoot in February but for now, Numero Uno.