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This weekend I got to spend some time on Mt.Pocono with the lovely, Megan Donley. This woman is awe inspiring. Her life is dedicated to the light of sharing her wisdom through yoga at Lotus Moon Yoga,through song as a singer/songwriter with the entrancing Wild Hymns, and through process with her personal art. We have been working together on the healing path for a few years now and it has been truly amazing to witness as we have both grown so much since the first dream seeds of our adult lives were planted together. This weekend was spent rewilding ourselves by communing with the fern, dancing under the new moon, and getting naked in the woods. It felt good to return to self in the silence of the forest and recommit myself to laughter. I truly could not have asked for more. Keep your eye on this babe as her band is making some amazing moves and her studio is always offering soul opening experiences.

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Shot for the Wild Hymns

35mm film