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The Song Remains The Same.

I had the honor of filling the role of Maid of Honor at my best friend's wedding this summer. What an amazing space to hold for someone who means so much to me. I have known her for many years and to see her this happy means more to me than anything else. The love that expanded through out the day and into the evening, the love that reverberates even now and into infinity, is the love that makes those who are not blood call each other family. It is deep. You can feel it in the bones of one's being, the closeness, the loyalty, the strength of what can exist between two people..and the ways that can affect everyone involved. This kind of love spreads. I am outrageously happy to be a part of it. I have watched it grow in such an intimate way and am inspired to see it expand. Thank you Meghan and Adam for loving so freely. May your hearts be abundantly blessed with ecstatic life experience and may the song forever remain the same.           6329003663290030 copy  _MG_0993 _MG_1033    _MG_1054 _MG_1049 _MG_1064 copy _MG_1082 copy63290009 copy      63290011 copy 63290014 copy      63290024

Most of these images shot on 35mm film.

A special thanks to Bianca Cordova for offering her gift of sight to this day with me.

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