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She's got the moon in her eyes.


I believe in magic as an understanding of one's individual powers. Through learning how to harness them one may use them in a way that shapes and forms physical reality. I watch self as goddess create beauty out of what others may define as ordinary. Through intention I manipulate how it is seen, how it may be experienced. I witness as I transform pain into laughter, communicate with nature to understand self, access portals of light, and receive direct transmission from the great unknown. When I look in the mirror I see past my eyes sometimes and every night I am not traveling black voids I receive visions of symbolic poetry in motion. My whole life is spinning around an axis of pure white light..the culmination of everything.

I am of moon's tribe.

My personality presents a language, an innate aesthetic formed by consciousness that is expressed through my style; the choices I make and the ways in which I make them.

I believe in all I have ever seen and that which has not yet been revealed.

I surrender to the call.

The vibration brings the likes together.

Hope is of the likes.

 An authentic expression of pure personality.

A beautiful channel of entertainment, curiosity, and mysterious adventure.

She asked me if I thought of myself as a witch....

I asked her to define the word.

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