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Woman Crush Wednesday


A wave of intense gratitude came over me today. I received a text from a dear friend, a sister of mine letting me know that a part of her had healed. She had begun the transformation within to open herself to an uncomfortable situation. She had worked against her conditioning to let go of her ego and texted me to be a witness to her process. My heart welled.

Growing up as an empath, I used to cry uncontrollably about everything.  My parents really didn't know what to do with the emotions and honestly either did I. Often times, I would be asked to stop or I would force myself to hide them out of embarrassment. However,as I began to grow, accumulate energetic tools and some understanding ( thank you beloved teachers)..I noticed the tears transformed themselves. I notice they rarely occur to release frustration anymore but now come as a release of intense JOY and overwhelming GRATITUDE and I feel safe in letting them flow. It happened today when she told me a part of herself had healed. My human heart, my soul....they celebrated this healing together. They were humbled by the intimacy of the relationship, by the fact that she felt safe enough to share every part of herself and because of her fearlessness we get to watch together as the growth occurs. The evolution of self is that much more realized. I am HONORED. I am in AWE. I am absolutely ecstatic with what is constantly occurring in the depths of myself and the women I know. Each and every one of them are so fiercely willing to strip away the pain, to get to the root, to do the work, to face the fear, to ask the questions, to seek and to find the answers we search. Here I am witnessing the healing of humanity and what other response would be appropriate but gratitude? What else can I do but fall madly in unconditional, expansive love with each and every one of them...every day in a million ways?

Radiant healers, divine music makers, lolligagging lovers, comedic queens;

THANK YOU for all that you do to heal yourselves everyday. For the commitment you have made to becoming the best version of yourself and for sharing so uncandidly, so rawly, so honestly about who you are and where you are and what you are. I feel you. I love you and to you I dedicate every woman crush wednesday that ever was. To you I commit my gifts, my love, my truth, my space. To you I will commit to gather, to make magic,TO HEAL MYSELF ..and I vow to do it eternally. I will never stop falling for the truth of who we are, for the light we carry, for the love we create. I will never stop loving your beautiful face.