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We Belong To The Wild.

The sultry voices of harmonic women sit on heavy heavens and you find yourself intoxicated by the feeling that you have been under this spell once before.

A combination of earth and air,

the soulful female vocals call to your spirit while the american feel of the pedal steel brings you back to earth,

speaking to every dream you have ever had of exploring the wild unknown.

The spacious electric guitar is carried by a deep rhythm section and you notice

both your soul and your body are being invoked, are being moved.

Every harmony answering your call and every beat posing a question,

The Wild Hymns truly belong to the wild.

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If you also belong to the wild hearted join this tribe's journey through indie-folk-jazz-blues enchantment .

 Follow the call;

This Friday, November 21st,

at The Holy Hound Taproom in York from 9-12p

the band releases their self- titled debut album of original songs.

You can also check out their website at

or tune into their facebook page to stay intrigued.