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_MG_1325_MG_1429_MG_1472_MG_1495_MG_1509_MG_1282_MG_1532_MG_1464_MG_1765_MG_1685_MG_1705_MG_1846_MG_1761_MG_1518_MG_1523_MG_1528_MG_1591_MG_1596The night Geist played The Lost Sugar Disco's carriage house I had the most lucid dream. A woman appeared to me at the edge of my dream and she told me she would guide me. She told me that everything I experienced would seem like a dream but assured me that it was real. I didn't wake up remembering anything in great detail but  I kept thinking back on moments that day that  I thought had happened in the physical world only to realize it was something I had participated in that evening in the dream world.  That my friends is the power of Geist&The Sacred Ensemble.