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Channel Truelove

Perhaps the beginning is the most important part. 

(Think of something clever to say about light.....

or don't .)

I don't remember the first time I picked up a camera and there was nothing magical about what camera I was using at the time, as I do know, it was what my allowance could afford which meant it was disposable. However, I do remember the way it felt to see something I had created. A new reality, made tangible, through the photograph. I can still remember the shoot, because thankfully, I still have ONE of the photos. I was ten and I pulled out my favorite cocktail dress from the 60's, the one with the rhinestones on it that my mom got my sister and I from the salvation army , and I styled my younger sister and my cousin beside the pond my father had built. In that moment..a vision. Something beyond what had existed before my eyes, some kind of magic. With a slight of hand I was able to control the elements in a way that connected me to something else, something magical. At that time, I didn't realize I was styling anyone or creating space for my sisters or that there was anything really great about any of it.

I was just moving in a way that felt natural. 

I was just moving from my heart.

That is what I intend to keep doing. 

I intend to keep doing it and I dedicate my work to it  and I am going to go as far as putting it in my name because every single time I follow my heart to true love...something magical happens. 

Every single time I listen to the calling my needs are met in ways that are unimaginable to my mind.

I recognize this. 

I followed my heart here, to this new and vulnerable endeavor, and I could not be more humbled.

This is a big step for me.

I am currently creating new business structures and lifestyle structures for myself in which I hope to invoke more magic by allowing that same heart and imagination that naturally moves from creation to control the elements in every part of my life .

I hope to support my life and my heart's vision in a way that I may be free enough to go where it calls without fear or restriction.

I hope to bring back to the moment everything I have gathered along the way;

the photographs, the healing, the workshop, the abundance, the style, the heart

to you. 

I hope to create sessions that embody LOVE and help others to move forward with a deeper connection to their heart and in turn a clearer vision.

I hope to hold beauty and vulnerability in a light that inspires others to see things from a different perspective, to open, to imagine, to expand into what might just be. 

I hope to access places within myself that can reflect places within others that leave a lasting glimmer of hope, of purity, of true love. 

I hope to have a blast and to allow the energy of my love to spill over in a way that is light and enjoyable, imaginative and down right FUN. 

I hope the work I create and this blog will reflect my vision for what I believe can come from a life lived as a channel for Truelove. 

I dedicate myself to exploring and sharing in perfect love and perfect trust.  

May I create enough space to show you the truth of who you are through me,

to see your light and your beauty. 

Thank you so much for following along with me and welcome to my new space in virtual reality!!!






Also, Special Thanks to:

Joe Martin, my guide and my true love, for my logo and for the endless support and opening he offers my life.

Krystle Seitz, my longest friend and one of my first models, for writing my bio from a place of admiration and trust

Jen Yost , the amazing zen cat, for pushing my ass through her incredible coaching skills to get this work out there and believing in me every step of the way!  


Alex Dwyer, the boss bitch that she is, for helping me get my thoughts in order, for clearing space for my vision and for a ton of laughter. 

As well as to the many, many people who have contributed to the many, many pieces and places created along the way, you know who you are!!!

It has only just begun!!! 




Tifani Truelove