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I swear I am a wing-ed. I must still be developing the eyes to see them but I know that they are there. They keep me off of my feet, fluttering from one place to the next. Today though, this moon seems to be lending me an anchor. An opportunity to reorient myself in space as this year soon comes to a close.

I find myself reflecting a lot on where I am at currently, what has changed, and the vision leading the hopes for where I may be going.

A lot of details remain unclear so I am realizing how much more I have to sink into my heart for direction. A big sign currently surrounded by disco balls hangs above my internal fires; WELCOME TO THE UNKNOWN. So I pull lots of cards, burn lots of candles, organize my desk and try to get clear through making art and writing. Through collaboration and healing, through getting really creative about the ways I am going to make this all work.  It is requiring a lot more attention and focus then I am used to giving myself or maybe comfortable giving myself but I hope it takes form in some really beautiful concepts and greater character development. I feel hopeful that through practice I will show up in fashion, holding space and unconditional love for myself as I work to stay on the earth, to heal, and to evolve into the truest, clearest expression of love that I can be. It really does take some work, to get clear. To release all of those sticky patterns and thoughts that keep me small and in doubt. I've got to keep showing up with this sense of love and excitement, I've got to show up for the dreamer. The one who dreamed of living the life of a creative, a lover, a healer. When I take a moment to reorient myself and come from that place, all of this work seems really fun. I believe in it and I can shift into a much lighter approach to responsibility. I want to feel free in this endeavor as it is one of the coolest, most exciting things I have ever tried to support myself fully on pursuits of heart. 

This full moon I am really taking time to enjoy the process of these daily tasks. I am looking through my calendar and getting clear on what I want the year to come to look like, scheduling lots of beautiful things, working on editing and paying attention to what I hope will be a beautiful and inspiring blog,  taking a walk to see my best friend and helping her with a conceptual project she is doing, drinking lots of tea, following leads on wild ideas, writing up and dreaming up a new way of being through actions that support me, love me, and feed me. I hope space is available for all of you to do the same today!! It is the little things that add up. May this full moon illuminate your wholeness. May you be able to approach your fears from there. Keeping my candles lit! Blessed be. 


Forever and Always,

True Love 


Tifani Truelove