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Yesterday a wave of nostalgia came over me as I packed up a bunch of white doves from the props I had gathered at Redeux. My father's favorite Christmas ornament was an old dove he had carried with him and it was always revered as this sacred object in our family. We would laugh about finding the perfect spot for it on the tree and make a real fuss over his sentimentality. It was a really nice thing to remember as it had been lost in the attics of my mind, collecting dust with the rest of the holiday ornaments. Reflecting on this dove and my father's sentimentality offered me a moment of peace.  

There is a purity offered to us this time of year, as the light begins to return on the solstice and if by chance, we are blessed with a fresh snow..silent moments to reflect and connect with what really matters as we all find exactly what we need among a cold and barren earth. It felt really good to breath that in. It is so easy to get distracted, easy to forget that what we have before us is all we truly need. The gift of this season lies in these small moments of connection between human hearts. I am wishing that for you all and of course,


Tifani Truelove