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In a Fit

I promised myself that this year I would begin a self portrait series. When I was in college a majority of my work was self portraiture. I was going through a lot of transition then so it offered me some perspective on where I was at. I am in my thirties now, about to be thirty one in March, and with the current political climate and a certain coming of adulthood, I feel this draw to get really honest with myself. To practice creating honest space to witness myself and perhaps urge certain parts of myself to come out of hiding, to be seen. I spent a few weeks trying to conceptualize my first portrait and I noticed that it was holding me up. I was hesitating. On the morning of the full moon I decided that I would just sit down and begin exploring. I had no vision and just went with my movements. This is what came out.  To be honest, it shook me to see. I am allowing myself to find creative and constructive ways to express anger for the first time in my adult life. I was running a lot last week.  I am really looking forward to continuing to create this practice for myself. Set to shoot in February but for now, Numero Uno. 

Tifani Truelove