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Sylvia Chang

I was talking with a friend a few days ago about how sometimes people come into your life and you can tell it is angelic by the way that you immediately connect. That is what it was like when I met my angel, Sylvie. She immediately felt like my family. It is her birthday this weekend and I am reflecting so deeply on this vibrant and inspiring soul. She is otherworldly. She is both raw truth and glittery illusion. She exists in pale pink, sultry musk, and the glow of the moon. She is familiar, serpent, and queen. I am reflecting on her exuberant laughter and expressive eyes. The ways she will empty her purse on the floor, invite you to her nail polish party, and ask you to spill your guts on the carpet. I am reflecting on her honesty and her grace. Her endless love and loyalty. Her ferocious and protective nature, her just and honorable heart, and the way she loves when she feels safe. I  have never met a force like Sylvia before and I truly admire the strength, the abandon, the fearlessness of her character. There are no true words for the nature of this being but I really do love her. 

Sylvia Chang,

I hope this year brings you all of the love, support, and kindness you deserve. I hope it is filled with the best dresses, the perfect polish, Charlie perfume, all of the virtual stimulation you can get, a ton of money, and a deep understanding of your worth and your value to this world. Thank you for showing me mine. You are priceless. Happy Birthday, baby. 

Forever and Always,

Tifani Truelove 

Tifani Truelove