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I am sitting here thinking about Samhain and the place it holds in my life. In years past I have done more around the energy externally. I have built altars, created ceremony, found somewhere to externalize the celebration, but this year, it all seems a little different to me. It is presenting itself differently. I went out and shopped for a slow cooker recipe I found, I filled the trick or treat bowl with candy,  made the call to sell the tickets we had bought to see Goblin tonight because it feels like something is keeping me here, in my home, and I am listening. Perhaps I am listening more than I ever have before.  The voices I have been hearing  are angry and secluded and in pain but I am listening. I am staying home for them and I am listening to all of the parts  that want to hide in the basement behind the masks of suffering, of separateness, of ego and I am hoping that through me, through my heart that they feel heard. That they can sense how beautiful even the really ugly parts are as through those really painful, really dark places, I am able to locate the source of the wound. I am able to apply the healing. I can feel the cold grips of old values falling away and a new understanding of my worth here on earth revealing itself. Through the hearing, through the healing. The veils have been lifted in ways I have never experienced before allowing me to get a real good luck at the ugliest parts and when they show me their rotting, decaying face, I am gently tucking small roses behind their ears. There is beauty everywhere. 

Tifani Truelove