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Hell Hound

She was a gypsy woman
She was as cold as the day, yeah
She said I'd got it coming
And then she took me away, yeah

She took me through the shadows of her sunken dream
I thought it's over for me, she wasn't all she seemed

She took my hand and then she started to speak
She told me she'd had the call
With eyes of fire that were burning my soul
She looked into her crystal ball
She read my fortune then she read my mind
She didn't like my thoughts at all

A look book for Hellhound Jewelry.

MUAH by: Josephine Love

Wardrobe by: Cactus Collective and Toile

Models: Cheri Wines and Rahkia Misun-Mitchumi

Smoke and Mirrors: Kaitlin Wines

Tifani Truelove