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Taurus Moon

In honor of this sensual full moon that is upon us, I wanted to share a few photos from a recent boudoir collaboration I did with Josephine Love and Britta Lipka. These images were used as a gift for Britta's then, husband to be, which she gave to him before the wedding. This day was so beautiful as we spent it preparing looks, playing in Josephine's closet, and allowing ourselves to reflect on the flow, expression, and empowerment of the divine feminine. What it means to embody the goddess. 

I find myself consistently working within the sensual and sexual nature of my being. I am finding ways to truly understand my sexuality in a society that distorts it with guilt, shame, and objectification. I am always looking for my own conclusions on how it feels to be in my sex, to adorn my body, to seduce myself and my lover, and the nature of truly being an embodiment of the energy of divinity through creation. I think this shoot is a perfect example of what that looks like. I am open to what feels natural and good. I don't hold anything back and I allow myself to receive through the pleasure of beauty, desire, and the material experience of this existence in alignment with heart and soul. I flow with the expression of my being. I can give more to my partner and to my life when I orient from this place. I feel more myself, more at ease. I can orient from a place that truly allows the goddess to be seen. It is always so beautiful to watch my partner receive of the feminine when I am truly orienting from this place as well. He lights up when he sees my truth, when I express myself fully, and when I allow the uniqueness of my personal desire and dance to move through me. There is no shame there and I think one of my greatest endeavors while on this earth is to truly help women relax into who they are as sexual beings. ( Not that Britta needs any help with that! HOLY.)

May you all feel into the energy of this beautiful, abundant Taurus Moon. It is a time of mystical and magical love and abundance. Look for the depth of your being, express yourself fully from that place, and receive the support of your earth. You are allowed to experience pleasure. You are allowed to experience connection. You are allowed to be here! Do it all with your whole being and show the world the truth of who you are as divinity. The energy of our sex is the energy of our creation. Surrender yourself to it. 



Tifani Truelove