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Josephine Love


I have been working really hard on reorganizing my life and simplifying (Josephine has been an amazing role model for this.)  I am really sinking into what I value and letting go of the rest. One of those things being connection to the goddess. Is it obvious, yet? I feel like it is my work to continue to create space for us all to sink into the flow and surrender that is available there, within that quality of energy. One way I am working with feeling safe to do that is through these really, seemingly, masculine moves. I organize myself, I take action as soon as I think about it, I schedule in time to do the things I know my heart needs to do, I act with authority over myself and take charge to stay aligned with my dreams.  One of those dreams being the commitment I make to this blog. This blog was created as a way for me to encourage myself, my personal progress, to check in, to connect, and to have a platform to share. It is a place for me to witness my heart grow and heal and open.

My dream is to organize my time and my flow enough to show up three time a week here.  

As I move into what I truly value I am inspired by the connections I hold with the women in my life. The depths we reach and the love we share is something I hold very close to my heart. With that, I am now going to be presenting these women as a means to connect them to those who wish to know them, to encourage them to keep growing and showing, and to also honor the goddess that I see within the connection I have to them. These are my mirrors and I am so thankful to witness the beauty that each one of them have offered to my life. I am thinking this will be a Wednesday feature and I am looking forward to the way this encourages me to plan my shoots accordingly, to create space to be inspired, and to create a place to truly see the soul of a woman! With that being said...

This is Josephine.

I am pretty good at reaching out to people who attract me. In the age of technology the social butterfly in me has found ways to flutter as an advanced being in ways I never would have had the opportunity to before. I am grateful for technology and It was through the flight of my curiosity that Josephine and I first connected. I reached out to her to see if she was interested in working with me and I will never forget the way it felt when I saw her for the first time. She had a visible triple goddess moon tattooed on her and I knew in that moment there was a connection beyond my initial intrigue pulling us together.

We have been playing and co-creating for the last year and it has been such a joy to expand in heart and mind and friendship together. She has contributed to my personal growth through creative play, through humor and softness, and through encouragement to step out of who I think I am, to stay open,  and to not be afraid to recreate myself. She helps me to see the places where my true beauty lies, to find comfort in my sexuality, and to surrender to the luxurious folds of my belly. I have benefited greatly watching her grow a stunning new and improved set of wings over this last year. I see her freeing herself to fly in ways that only the sky holds limits for. She leaves in a couple days for a two month adventure with her cat, Elvira, and two beautiful children. This is one of the the many challenging steps she is taking in making space for the incredible goddess she always has been and is also still becoming through her strong decision making, risk taking, and deep heart healing. She dances through her fear, faces the unknown with grace, and takes ease in change.  I am so excited for all that is occurring for and around her, for the new ways in which she is supporting her life and her children. I am so excited to witness the creation that will rise from this place. I am so grateful to be a part of her journey, to benefit from the confidence she exudes, the style she embodies, and the ways she sways through the maiden, the mother, and the crone.


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I love you, Josephine! ( Or should I call you, Shannon!") 

Tifani Truelove