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Miss Jess

There is a life force behind each of us. This energy propelling us toward




It whispers sweet nothings into our inner ear and sometimes we are listening and we follow and sometimes we are listening and we choose to ignore. And sometimes, the urge and the feeling to move towards that which is beckoning is so deep that it feels as though we might die if we do not get to know it, intimately. Within that intimacy, we open. Through opening we reveal the authentic nature of the energy that connects us all.

It is here that we truly give

our selves

our selves

as the other selves

the opportunity to love,

to entwine,

to rise. 

To feel empowered in what is rightfully ours. In our bodies, in our hearts, in our minds, and in what happens when we find a way to turn all of them on, simultaneously. This is where true purity lies. It is not in hiding, in staying safe, in keeping it all to yourself. It is in allowing yourself to be truly seen. It is in trusting this force to move you into the places you need to go, surrendering to the experience, and allowing your senses to lead you to the next doorway. Sometimes you will be without sight, listen. Sometimes you will be without understanding, feel. Go where it is leading you and you will find the way to open. 

Thank you for honoring me with this session, Jess.

You are the map and the destination. 

Thank you also to

MUAH: Josephine Love

Art and Location: Adrienne Stein

Tifani Truelove