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Holy Cow

On my journey to giving up dairy completely, once again, I decided to watch some videos yesterday morning about the dairy industry. Needless to say, it helped. I moved through my early afternoon with ease, transmuting some of the pain I saw through compassionate action. Joe and I packed up the car and headed East for a solstice gathering. On our way, while taking in the bare Pennsylvania landscapes, we were passing one of my favorite hill side cow farms. I laughed hysterically at one of the big mamas I saw, sprawled out on her side, utters loose and hanging, completely surrendered to the earth. Then it hit me, " WHAT IF SHE WAS DEAD?" Had this winter already become so twisted that I was now laughing at a dead cow? Quickly I grabbed my phone. GOOGLE: Do cows sleep on their sides?!?!? I found relief in the answers. Cows do sleep on their sides in the case that they have a partner to keep watch. My heart melted. What incredible medicine this holy cow had offered me. I reflected on the ways I relaxed in my sense of partnership to joe, in my friendships, and in myself when I found a sense of trust. I don't know too much about astrology, only what my sisters tell me and some things that I intuitively feel, but at the solstice I learned that as a collective we are all moving into the unknown. Into the darkness, the depths of winter. We are becoming more still, slower, deeper, allowing things to die away. I can see it in my life. I watch myself hold on and grip out of fear to some of the things I know don't serve me, or the things I can't imagine living without. A resistance to rest and surrender. A resistance to receive.  It seems natural as there are a lot of places I am not sure about but being nudged to move forward in. I am building strength and confidence in areas I have never been before. I am finding more ways to trust. Dana related this to fog. How, when we are driving through the fog we get to see only ten feet in front us. We move forward with what we have and we do it with the faith that we will see what we need to when we get there. I am seeing it in the way this cow mama showed me to close my eyes and rest. To let go and relax and to I have faith in the support I find in my connection to earth, the sacred body. In the watchful nature of my awareness and its soft and nurturing guidance.  And in the people of my community as they offer me the resources I need to be whole. 


I honor this sacred mother.

Her ability to feed,

to nourish,

to nurture,

and to die

for the whole. 

May we all come into right relationship with the ways we surrender and receive. 

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Tifani Truelove