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Viva La Revolution

As we all struggle to find our voices in the current political climate, I love the idea of allowing fashion to speak for us. The idea of using items which have already lived through the past to guide us into the action our hearts are pulling us towards, Now.  Whether it is the feeling an ensemble invokes that brings us closer on the streets, a passing inspiration expressed without a word, a full blown accessorized protest  , a personal decision to put our money where our mouth is ( REUSE) , or the courage it takes to choose something new and out of the ordinary , I believe that all of it is possible through the choices we make each morning as we arm ourselves with clothing that expresses our freedom and our truth. That is why I love styling vintage clothing. Not only is it accessible, these pieces hold the reverberations of days long past, protecting us in a way with their history. Making us all the wiser for keeping them alive and close.  These looks are all about the individuals freedom, the uniting factors, and the voice of a new generation. May they be carried, like these articles of clothing, long into the future. 

Special thanks to Britta Pollard and Melissa Shine for their part in this look book.

Styled and Photographed for Redeux Market. 

Tifani Truelove