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Softer, Now.

I think there is a lot of connection available in what we are all feeling right now. Personally, I have been struggling to find my place amidst the chaos, my voice amidst the screaming, and my heart amidst the aching pain and simultaneous joy but I am allowing myself to listen a little deeper and can often, from that place of attention, sink deeply into my wisdom. I can pull my body from the sky through an expanded self care ritual and awareness practices to help me remain focused on what is going to expand the experience deeper into love. I have started recording my voice, reading fiction, and making sure I physically challenge myself everyday. In a way I can see that all of the tools I have acquired through my studies up to this point are now being called to use in deeper, more dedicated ways. I have everything I need to conquer and rule in Love. As saddened as I have been over the last few weeks my heart has been opening in joy and connection in the most random places. I can see that it is through this state of vulnerability, our hearts and our fears exposed, we are opening to reach out to each other, to share, to soften. I am finding comfort in that. Making my stance transparent through my eye contact, through my touch, through the song of spontaneous conversation, and through a commitment to the ancient process of creation. When I choose to open with that intention ,  I see the energy of earthly connection bringing it all together. I can relax in knowing that Love conquers all. We live for it, we yearn for it, we need it and it is all right here. No matter what this man, that man, your old man, WOman  or uncle sam has ever told you, you are NO MAN's victim. You are an expression of pure and unbridled love , and it is through authentic connection to that place within you, to that truth, that life will put you in your true place. Trust. We have the ability to expand bigger than any energy that stands before us through the invocations of love.  Now is no time to shrink.  Please, don't forget that. 

This session of Alisha was photographed during one of the last warm days of 2016. We created a beautiful intention before planning our time together. We connected to the dirt through simple but invoking ritual, we broke through illusion and self doubt, and we created something beautiful, together. We created something to remember her power and her grace in. A moment in time carved out with intention that we can go back and visit when the sun starts to set. A place to meet and connect with Alisha in the softness of her femininity, in the fierceness of her courage, in her willingness to open up and expose her heart, and in her embrace of it all. 

I am so grateful for the opportunities I get To bring you all closer. My dream is to continue to  make the moments together that will feed the future of all of us. 

Forever and Always,

Tifani Truelove 

Tifani Truelove