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Dear Heart

Watching a woman come into her body, honor her attributes, and embrace the parts that feel unsure must be one of the greatest pleasures on earth. The female form is an untouchable, unstoppable force and it is part of my work to capture the light of a woman in full embodiment of her power, her sexuality, and her freedom. Josephine Love and I have been working in collaboration to create a space that honors this process and Emily was a perfect fit for this session. There is something so naturally playful and innocent about these images for me. While editing, I found that the images that struck me the most were the ones of her laughing, enjoying herself, exposed and open. She exudes a joy that engages from an inquisitive heart and holds a mystery that seeks to be fearlessly explored. Within this, she is the divine feminine. Receiving, soft, flowing, open. She inspires me to relax, to smile, and to have more fun.  I hope that the every session Josephine and I create from this point on will be inspired and blessed by the energy she offered us. Thank you, Emily!!!

Tifani Truelove