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Baby Brains

I had crossed paths with Amanda a few times within the local scene and never had the opportunity to introduce myself. It was obvious to me that time would eventually forge a connection as I have a really special way of noticing love at first sight. It also could have just been the way she was wearing her leather jacket or the fact that we were both seeing the same bands or the incredibly fierce presence she holds and my attraction to insanely bad ass chicks but I would like to think of it holding something more mysterious.  Personally, I believe in the power of rock and roll and it's ability to bring us together.  We spent the afternoon exploring the streets while exchanging city stories and found quite a few intersections. Turns out she's got the look but as suspected it's way deeper than all of that. She's also got the heart, the courage, and an ability to facilitate the sound. You know, the one all of us fuzz freaks are looking for: THE SOUND. She is bringing it all together through Baby Brains and if you have any brains at all, you're gonna keep this mega babe on your fuzzy rock and roll radar. She's coming up. 



Tifani Truelove