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Say it soft and it's almost like praying.


I sometimes take a step back from my heart's story and realize that I have truly made it my business to fall in love. A child of Aphrodite, consistently learning the ways that my spirituality is intertwined with my sensuality. I experience a connection to the divine through the way it feels to truly be in my body. The way it feels to connect with someone else, to touch, to smell, to see something that inspires me. To nurture the wild and untamed ways of my heart, to go where it takes me, and to trust that I am safe to experience joy. The more I realize myself, the deeper I go into this personal mission, you could say. To bring the concept of Heaven to Earth. To start anchoring the realms of pleasure and true love to the moment, so that something new and beautiful may be created. To connect to my natural state, that of the divine feminine. That of a spiritual radiant being having a sensual and ecstatic human experience. I open my heart to the way pink velvet feels, to the ways shiny metals reflect light, to dank incense unfurling. I allow myself to experience soft layers and flowing floral fabrics. I allow my hips to express their deepest desires while walking. I listen to the layers of sound that create my favorite songs and I appreciate the curves of the women that surround me. I take time when I caress my lover knowing that these sensations won't last forever. I breathe deep and sing loud, I feel into my joy, let go of my shame, and truly allow the divine to be expressed through me. This is Aphrodite. This is the one who has led me to Truelove , the pain staking need for deep connection. Today as I reflect on my nature, the romance, my heart's story, I wonder how others connect to what is sensual. To the ways that experiencing the senses connects us to Heaven.

What does sensuality feel like to you?

What does it look like?

How do you experience it?

How do you cultivate it?


May you move from the place where creation sits,

Tifani Truelove





Tifani Truelove