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Spring Hymns

How often do you allow yourself to be soft? This question, posed to me, between the inhale. When my belly is full and I am still. In that moment where Nothing is happening. That moment where we are just free, floating. I think this is where Gabriella exists. You can meet her in that space. An awareness of how soft one can be. It is triggered in her presence. I found myself in a moment so quiet, so still, so soft, lying pink petals on her dewey skin, that what existed around us, a busy york city street,  seemed to transform into a harmony. The essence of Spring. The life within everything, the ways that it is connected, and the surrender available to us, regardless of where we be. She is safe to soften and so she does.

I am focusing myself to do the same. Longer inhales, allowing my belly to be totally full, and softening in that small moment before I let go. 

Check out Gabriella in her band, Port Ellis. A York based space dream that will help you get into your feelings about the situation. A sound that will transform the way your day is going, if just for a few moments. It will help you breathe deeper. 

Tifani Truelove