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Walking for Water

 My father recently got his DNA tested. Turns out he is less Irish than we thought, more Italian than we realized, and also, like every person living on the planet, his DNA can be traced back to one woman in eastern Africa who lived 150,000 years ago. He is still carrying .05% of her DNA.  This gene, connecting all of us, in the mother. 

I observed this mother quietly as Victoria directed her girls into the water. My heart was touched as I watched the joy of the children making contact with it and the expressions of community as I watched the  women move with grace and caution into position, staying close to each other for support. There was something so rich in these small moments. In the things that we all share. The earth in our flesh and bone, the fires that ignite and transform us, the breath that supports and entwines us, and the waters that are constantly cycling for our survival, nourishing and cleansing us. The place where we all meet. Much like the textiles Victoria chose in these looks, we come together in a tapestry of beautiful pattern around the water. We have all had to seek nourishment to sustain life on this planet. We are richer, more interesting, and much stronger, when we walk in our search for life together. 

Victoria Kageni is a designer from Kenya, now living and working in York, Pa. She is dedicated to educating and building diverse community. Check out her website for more information or visit her shop, Gusa by Victoria, to get involved. 

Tifani Truelove