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Helena and Wyatt believe in love. I remember the first time Helena told me, with giant heart shaped eyes, that he was "the one".  She told me that she knew that this was it and that it was going to last forever. I smiled and I believed her the way I believe people in love. Then I met him and I saw the way their energy danced together, the way time stopped around them, and the way that they just seemed to fit. Romantic abstractions, a story beyond mind, as it was only a few short months after she first introduced me that they felt confident enough within what they had found to marry. A simple and intimate ceremony for family followed by well wishes as they embark on their next big adventure; building a life together in Japan. This is what love is like though. It changes everything, expands the possibilities, and takes you to the places you were afraid to go alone. 

Best wishes to you both and see you soon! 

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Tifani Truelove