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Journey into the next dimension

We are now ending the second week of 2018 and I am feeling really excited about the way that it all feels. Thus far this winter has brought me so close to my earth. The pollution and fears that lurk the forests unseen but also the loving and nurturing love chord of the Mother. I am making a lot of bold moves this year, taking risks in my career, finding balance in my life, and organizing my money( for the first time ever) all as a means to offer myself to my community from a place of clarity. Moira is a big part of the transformation of relationship I am finding in myself. This place feels like a physical manifestation of my souls deepest yearnings. A place to bring together intention and celebration, magic, people, and art. All of the pieces fall together there like clock work and I can tell that what is being built is going to be strong and beautiful and transformational. We spent the New Year gathered with our nearest and dearest in an intimate event planned by Sky Society and produced by Lost Sugar Disco. The evening started out in a sort of timeless lounge scene vibe with Tuck Ryan Band. I created some Space to Breathe as we allowed ourselves to receive in meditation, Megan Woodland offered us her voice in celebration and it shifted into a hazy, poetic reverberation by Ehiorobo .  Sky Society and Joe Martin lead us into the very early morning of 2018 in a state of bliss as we created grooves in the floor boards and got low to the earth. All in all, it was the beginning of something undeniably beautiful, unifying,and intentional. I am so excited to be a part of this collective and can not wait to continue to expand my offerings to the city of Lancaster, here. It feels more clear than ever before.  It makes me think of the way it would feel when I was a kid and would take a really high jump without any fear. It is this beautiful mixture of excitement and anxiety but I know that the deeper I ground the higher I rise and holy shit am I ready!! Keep your eyes peeled because this party is just getting started and I really want you there!  I love you and Happy New Year! 

Tifani Truelove