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So Mote It Be

I work a lot with the breath. Connecting groups of people to the space available there and helping myself to remember what is available in every moment. The opportunity to receive through the inhale and the opportunity to give through the exhale. I see this relationship reflected in everything that I do nowadays. A constant flux of giving and receiving. I loved the way that this coat showed me something about letting go. I have maintained a stand at Redeux Vintage for the last few years as a way to stay in healthy relationship with the material object. I am constanlt acquiring things to photograph or create with and I have a very Venetion relationship to fashion, and well, life, and so this stand allows for me to flow in it without much loss. Every now and then a piece will come along that I want to hold onto, even though I know it is not for me. This coat was an incredible example of that relationship. It is the perfect coat. Soft, heavy velvet,  shiny, silver buttons,  a floral silk lining, and a movement that swings. It was so hard to deny that it didn't fit me perfectly. It was restricting my SHOULDers and the irony of " I SHOULD keep it anyway" was not lost on this symbolic Pisces. I realized quickly that the most magical thing this jacket was going to teach me was letting go of what is not made for me, the things that do not fit, the things that don't feel perfect. There are a lot of these things popping up for me, lately. Relationships with people, business, food, objects, you name it, all of the things that don't feel good anymore are leaving with my exhale and within their departure I am realizing how much more space is being made available for me to really receive what serves me; a deeper inhale. I really appreciate the magic of the material object as teacher and I am really looking forward to this coat finding it's rightful Witch. I am happy to be the catalyst for things finding their right place and witnessing the ways it puts me in mine. I am exactly where I belong, RIGHT HERE, breathing deep, in clothes that are fit for me.  

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentines Day. May it be filled with the things that feel really good for you and may everything else be BANISHED!!!!

So Mote it Be. 


Hair and Makeup by Josephine Love



Tifani Truelove