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Mare Cromwell



Mare Cromwell is a Gaia Priestess, healer, author, and international speaker. Her newest book, The Great Mother Bible, is a testimony to her connection with Mother and a culmination of her deepest work. She is also the founder of the 1000 Goddess Gathering, which is approaching it's second year. I loved the opportunity I had to question her about the process of receiving this call to write and to gather and how she overcomes the urge to shrink when faced with visions so grand. She expressed that it comes with a deep trust and surrender to the Mother, or what is also known as Mother Earth.  It was such an honor to watch the ways in which she has truly surrendered in her presentation of the information she receives from this source and I felt the deep sense of support she experiences within it. Watching her offer her prayers, hold space, and channel was so inspiring to me and made me feel extremely safe to surrender to my own gifts. I would highly recommend checking out Mare's website for more information and keep your eyes peeled as she returns to York, Pa in March at Firefly Hollow to present  "Awakening Our Womb Wisdom"

Tifani Truelove