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Stories with the Moon

I have been photographing Megan's journey through sound for many, many moons now. It is such an incredible honor to see the depths that are reached when her vision is expressed with clarity. These are some outtakes taken while shooting for The Wild Hymn's new album, Stores with the Moon, which is most certainly their deepest album yet. It is set to crowd fund now. If you are interested in seeing this album come even more alive you can support them by pre-ordering the album, sharing, or donation funds to receive some really cool offerings via their Indie- GOGO page. You can visit to learn more and click through to support them!

It was so much fun creating the visuals to accompany this album. I do not think these specific images will make the album's final cut but in my opinion they really capture the magical and playful element that these two share. I am so excited for the new album and can not wait to share more of the images we created! Until then, support cool people who do cool shit!! 


Tifani Truelove