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Early Life Forms

I was quite taken back by the way that Early Life Forms moved me. I had the chance to see them last weekend at the Kaleidoscope and their Lo- Fi, heavy melodies, merged with energetic transformative rhythms left me feeling different than I was before.  A certain type of magic surrounds these men. I was so surprised to find out that they have recently come together through Evan's vision of E.L.F.'s evolution mostly because they conversed like family and were so genuinely kind to each other. It felt to me that this particular order of Early Life Forms could very well have been creating together many life forms before, but honestly, who is to say anything about that. Listen for yourself on their BandCamp page or even better, see for yourself at one of their upcoming shows. You will grow through it. 

Thank you so much for inviting me out, Evan.

I see you!! 

Tifani Truelove