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Lakshmi Virtual Altar

I have been working a lot with transforming this deep condition of lack I have into an abundant connection to love. I have realized recently how deep this idea that there is not enough has been drilled into my brain( Hello, capitalism). Don't get me wrong, I have always known that this is something I contain, and honestly, something I think most humans must at some point face,  but as I grow older it seems that my brain is gaining more awareness of the places that truly limit me and gaining more motivation to transform. Through exploration it seems this belief goes much deeper than" there is not enough" and upon deeper research I realize that it  is truly routed in the idea that "I AM not enough." The energy of this makes me feel competitive and keeps me in a state of survival. It keeps me in a place of seeking externally and when I am in the this belief I do not feel like myself. As I rise, I realize how important it is to bring some love to this belief and begin working on clearing the many imprints I have received throughout this lifetime to lodge that condition, that thought/feeling into my being. 

When I look around at the rooms in my house and in my mind and heart and I look at the people who surround me and I look at the personal successes of my story and my career or when I feel into my spine it is VERY clear that I AM more than enough. BEAUTY ABOUNDS AND THERE IS ABUNDANCE EVERYWHERE. I am a part of that. It is only in this THOUGHT, which through the incredible power of my brain and the BODYMIND connection that it has become a FEELING,  I separate from the experience of  the present moment, from what is real. There is a pattern in my BODYMIND that I resort to in moments of auto-pilot or reaction to triggering situations, keeping me distant from the deep seated gratitude and recognition that my heart so deeply longs for. To the feeling of TRUE LOVE and Gratitude I experience when I am awake and in awareness. When I look around and see what is truly here, it is MORE THAN ENOUGH. So then, this becomes my practice. Removing the judgement from this condition, and

Replacing Lack with Love. 

This Thursday night at Firefly Hollow, myself and Megan, will be hosting our monthly Goddess circle. We will be focusing in on Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity. As I sink into the energy of this master being, I feel that it is not only within the material riches that she offers her greatest gifts, but within a realignment to our true values that she offers great abundance. We find a connection to Spirit and Material here in her awareness.  I find that if I am aligned with the energy of  LOVE it is easy to move out of the experience of the energy of poverty or Lack. It is not in what we have accumulated materially but it is in what we have in HEART that prospers.  What we can give from a place of freedom to the world around us that grows. She is showing me that in true FLOW there is a surrender to trust. Realizing that the more I give the more I get. A natural balance is consistently being maintained here on earth. With or without our awareness.  I find this place easy to access in the breath. I know that this is a theme I am constantly returning to, but honestly, it is where I learn the most and also, it is the life force propelling this experience. I can connect my mind to my body so simply through the inhale and exhale and so we can see here, that the deeper I exhale the more space I have to receive a full inhale. The more I inhale the more I have to give on the exhale. It is a constant flow of give and take and thankfully, we have an abundance of air surrounding us!! Right there is a beautiful place to anchor to prosperity when I find myself coming back into that limiting belief. There is space for expansion in the energies of Lakshmi. If we remove the blocks we have from truly receiving she will be there to fill that open space with her golden coins of prosperity. 

I spent a lot of time yesterday creating an altar for my money. A place where it can come to rest and be cleansed. A place where it can be seen and blessed before it is spent again. I offered it oils and candles, I made a pile of my favorite coins, added a photo of Lakshmi I found at the thrift store, the Attitude/ Gratitude print I got from BurritoBreath, I put AMMA's feet there, and Isobel's lock of hair. I framed the whole thing in gold curtains and lit candles and incense. There are so many powerful visuals in this space for me it is hard to deny the power I have to transform and tune in when I look at it. It is available to us. We are more than enough. I am more than enough.  As I will it, so will it be. Through love and awareness we can shift the perspective of our experiences fluidly. It just takes practice! 


Thanks for reading and if you are interested in working more deeply with me to transform this pattern in your own life, please feel free to contact me. If you want to join us tomorrow to tune in to Lakshmi deeper and sit in sacred circle with us, register here:  GODDESS CIRCLE

Tifani Truelove