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Fox Run III

It rained and rained and a lot of things were rearranged but honestly, this year was one of the tightest we've run on production thus far and we learned A LOT. We see more now about the ways things can be organized, the ways they can grow, and our team is streamlined as fuck. Not to mention, the women who keep returning to play in the rain with us are fucking incredible sources of courage and power. I woke up on Saturday morning and got the most delicious hand pie from Constellation Collective and sat and listened to the most hilarious stories of a rained out sleep, of mother/daughter bonding, and of strategies to make it all better. They were all told through laughter, supported by coffee, and shared with the heart of friendship. It makes it easier to get through the discomfort when you are among friends and I can honestly say, every year, it gets friendlier . May the fox run serve as a friendly place for women to gather along their journey on the road for years to come and may the third year act as a turning point for the clouds. I love you ladies. Thank you for everything.  


Tifani Truelove