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Lost Sugar Disco x Discerning Eye

The tarot has always been an amazing way for me to bridge the healer and the artist. I find that through reading the cards and tuning into the subconscious to receive information I have developed a deeper sense of trust in myself as well as experienced a surrender to the creative process in revealing the sacred language of symbolism.

When the Discerning Eye asked us to take over the gallery this December, The Lost Sugar Disco decided it would be  a great opportunity to examine this tool more deeply. We learned that through the process of recreating the cards, an endeavor we have been working on since 2007, they revealed themselves to us like never before.

Here are a couple of pieces from a series of photographs designed by Tiffany Abel, specifically for this show, and photographed by yours truly.

The show is currently hanging for the rest of the month at The Discerning Eye and features work from the four pillars of the Disco; Tiffany Abel, Joe Martin, Jared Wolf, and Myself.

Go check it out. 

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