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Timeless Love

It has been a year since I had the opportunity to witness these two in their greatest joy. The ways that their love has blessed and transformed me over these last 365 is truly inspiring. They stand with a heart of acceptance for each other's humanity and within it, all that know them. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to stand with them and hope to watch their love grow older still!

Happy 1 year anniversary, beautiful friends.


Styled and Photographed by Yours Truly for Redeux Marketplace.

Check out the entire look book and anniversary shoot on their blog or at Sage&Swan!

( Link above)

The Fox Run

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Over 200 soak and wet mega babes willing to stick it out together in the mud, the smell of exhaust, campfire, and perfume carried by heavy psych beats and  you've got yourself a fucking party. The things I experienced at the Fox Run, the bonds that were created through months of preparation, and a few days of realization can never be fully expressed. My heart beats stronger after witnessing what happens when women come together in honor of the wheel, in the name of adventure, and with a willingness to bare it all.

I am forever bound.

The Open Space


I can't remember how many times chills filled my body during the time I shared with Nikki Border. She expressed to me how rooted she currently feels in her body through her practice and wanted to create some time to capture her flow with me. The places we arrived within the conversation that was sparked around her life's current intention felt pure, connected, and strong. Being a witness to this wildflower's growth has been the kind of pleasure that can not be fully explained with words, rather a long and quite embrace or a single tear might be more worthy. She is doing incredible work and if you are looking to deepen your practice or looking for a new tribe, follow her journey and pop into one of her classes as she builds community at her homestead. Nikki, you are making this planet better through your personal healing and I am in absolute AWE of your magic. Thank you so much for sharing Open Space with me.

Follow her here:

The Open Space


Golden Dawn

two of swords

The Golden Dawn rises on the Lost Sugar Disco's new location. Join us as we continue to work through the arts and lower the veils, now at Single File - Lancaster.

x Large Scale Installation x

x Vinyl/DJ/Rock and Roll/Psychedelia x

x Photography x

x Stage Design x

x Ritual x

The Lost Sugar Disco invites you to participate in our upcoming appearances:

May 20: Spring Forward: A Spectacle of Art, Fashion & Indulgence// The Bond, York, PA

May 20-22: *SOLD OUT* THE FOX RUN *LADIES ONLY* MOTORCYCLE RIDE & CAMPOUT// Undisclosed Location, Lancaster, PA

June 4: A Soft Open with A Thing with Two Heads and Joe Martin// Single File, Lancaster PA

June 25-26: Wake. 2.0 | Animal House

Join us in the present:

Tifani Truelove /// Life as Ceremony

Joe Martin /// Album Cover Art for Dr. Slothclaw

Tiffany Echo Wolf and Tessa Elizabeth /// Untitled Feature Film

Tiffany Echo Wolf /// Film Short: Doorway of 1,000 Churches

Geist&The Sacred Ensemble


_MG_1325_MG_1429_MG_1472_MG_1495_MG_1509_MG_1282_MG_1532_MG_1464_MG_1765_MG_1685_MG_1705_MG_1846_MG_1761_MG_1518_MG_1523_MG_1528_MG_1591_MG_1596The night Geist played The Lost Sugar Disco's carriage house I had the most lucid dream. A woman appeared to me at the edge of my dream and she told me she would guide me. She told me that everything I experienced would seem like a dream but assured me that it was real. I didn't wake up remembering anything in great detail but  I kept thinking back on moments that day that  I thought had happened in the physical world only to realize it was something I had participated in that evening in the dream world.  That my friends is the power of Geist&The Sacred Ensemble.

Winter Solstice


I promise you this..

We are safer than we could ever know.

Safe to die.

Safe to grow.

May the endless cycles of nature comfort you in this darkness.

All shall be reborn.

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Danse Macabre

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Ritual Ritual Fall 2015 Lookbook

Danse Macabre


Model: Melissa Semiao

Hair and Make up: Julia Campbell Kilduff

Jewelry: The Ritual Ritual

Wardrobe: Adorn Lex & Vintage

Third Eye: Carly Valentine

Kate and Julie









_MG_0638 _MG_0642

_MG_0671    _MG_0649


_MG_0679 _MG_0688


I am both lucky and honored to know these two.

Julie acting consistently as the cosmic and divine mother, nurturing everything in her space while Kate plays the role of open and receiving youth with her endless laughter and lightheartedness.

Their love is free and I am grateful.