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Bikini Monster

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"In a secluded laboratory just off the Florida coast a scientist works feverishly on his grizzly experiment.

Known by local transients only as "the beach bum" He has dedicated his life to creating the ultimate expression of beauty... In the wake of his dark obsession is a trail of test subjects left horrifically twisted and mutated abominations the likes of which mankind has never seen.... until now. "

St. Petersburg, FL

35mm Film


Lost Sugar Disco x Discerning Eye

The tarot has always been an amazing way for me to bridge the healer and the artist. I find that through reading the cards and tuning into the subconscious to receive information I have developed a deeper sense of trust in myself as well as experienced a surrender to the creative process in revealing the sacred language of symbolism.

When the Discerning Eye asked us to take over the gallery this December, The Lost Sugar Disco decided it would be  a great opportunity to examine this tool more deeply. We learned that through the process of recreating the cards, an endeavor we have been working on since 2007, they revealed themselves to us like never before.

Here are a couple of pieces from a series of photographs designed by Tiffany Abel, specifically for this show, and photographed by yours truly.

The show is currently hanging for the rest of the month at The Discerning Eye and features work from the four pillars of the Disco; Tiffany Abel, Joe Martin, Jared Wolf, and Myself.

Go check it out. 

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_mg_8807 copy _mg_8962 copy

_mg_8974 copy

The Enchanted

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I don't remember much from my childhood.


I recall my Omni, my paternal grandmother, talking a lot about the time she spent in New Mexico.

I was never really clear about what she was doing there or how she ended up there but the light that illuminated from her when she spoke of the place seemed more important to me then the details.

I have always been ignited by the spark that dwells in my father's mother and because of her

I was born enchanted;

from a line of wild hearted wanderers.

Naturally, New Mexico called.

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Well, technically Carly Valentine called.

" I need to go west,"

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

" Where are you going to go?"

I waited for the response but I knew exactly where she was headed.

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About two years ago I began working with coins.

I incorporated them into my alters and found a way to use them in my yoga practice.

Counting my then 26, now 28, soon 29 daily sun salutations.

I had begun dreaming about coins a few years before this practice became apparent though.

In the dreams,

I would often be traveling and I would land in a river filled with coins

or they would rain down on me or I would find one that held a special symbol.

A lot of my karma in this life seems centered around clearing past relationships with money.

However, my relationship with coins might also be directly connected to shiny copper on worn leather.

My Omni's penny loafers.

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It might also have something to do with my 11th summer.

Our car broke down on 83 south

leaving us no choice but to take foot.

I remember noticing it about her before;

 she always seemed to be looking towards the earth, as if searching for something.

 I remember that specific day especially though because she found a coin along the side of the highway.

 On both sides of the large coin showcased a different sexual position involving

a man and a woman in union.

She extracted such joy out of it,

as if she had finally found what she had been looking for,

laughing with us at the awkward obscurity.

The magic that coin presented...

the wonder it offered to us as she leaned down to claim her treasure,

the support she had found,

almost as if it were a sign,

and the power it held as it transformed the road into a poetic metaphor for self discovery.

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I had started coming into contact with a lot of New Mexico quarters the months before Carly Valentine reached out to me.

I would hold them and imagine myself uniting with the desert light.

I would admire their details, take notes of their symbols,

feel their weight.

By paying attention to small moments like this, the connections that exist in cosmic details,

I have become really good at what the story teller calls "foreshadowing" .

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So when Carly Valentine responded,

"New Mexico"

it was no surprise to either of us that I had been preparing for that road to open.

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The road was meant to unite us.

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With no desire to get lost in controlling the details

it was clear we were being called

to realize the dream.

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With our eyes on the earth,

We surrendered ourselves to the road.

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A trust in what lied ahead,

as the illusions of plans seemed to be transformed by

the map's abandon,

the skies changing tide,

deep red wine.

TE17601_2_014Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH


Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH


A release of what lied behind,

as turning around would prevent one's eyes from witnessing the bleeding horizons

as the sun cracked itself open and spilled onto the dirt.

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Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH     Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

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Revealing its inner most illuminations,

baptizing us into divine sacred union


penetrating our darkest, most personal rhythms.

A new way of being...

that of the truly enchanted.

Words can not describe how truly enchanted I am, Carly Valentine.

Thank you.


Wrong Side of the Tracks

  _MG_6880Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHAutosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH  Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH_MG_7178  _MG_7109   _MG_723068950008

Dark leather,

long hair.

Tough skin,

distant stare.

Bones and bells

and eyes that tell,

Night sky stories;

tales of black.

She follows as they lead her

to the wrong side of the track.

Styling and Photography:

Tifani Truelove


Amber Elaine

We Belong To The Wild.

The sultry voices of harmonic women sit on heavy heavens and you find yourself intoxicated by the feeling that you have been under this spell once before.

A combination of earth and air,

the soulful female vocals call to your spirit while the american feel of the pedal steel brings you back to earth,

speaking to every dream you have ever had of exploring the wild unknown.

The spacious electric guitar is carried by a deep rhythm section and you notice

both your soul and your body are being invoked, are being moved.

Every harmony answering your call and every beat posing a question,

The Wild Hymns truly belong to the wild.

57290043 copy

57290044 copy



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If you also belong to the wild hearted join this tribe's journey through indie-folk-jazz-blues enchantment .

 Follow the call;

This Friday, November 21st,

at The Holy Hound Taproom in York from 9-12p

the band releases their self- titled debut album of original songs.

You can also check out their website at

or tune into their facebook page to stay intrigued.


This weekend I got to spend some time on Mt.Pocono with the lovely, Megan Donley. This woman is awe inspiring. Her life is dedicated to the light of sharing her wisdom through yoga at Lotus Moon Yoga,through song as a singer/songwriter with the entrancing Wild Hymns, and through process with her personal art. We have been working together on the healing path for a few years now and it has been truly amazing to witness as we have both grown so much since the first dream seeds of our adult lives were planted together. This weekend was spent rewilding ourselves by communing with the fern, dancing under the new moon, and getting naked in the woods. It felt good to return to self in the silence of the forest and recommit myself to laughter. I truly could not have asked for more. Keep your eye on this babe as her band is making some amazing moves and her studio is always offering soul opening experiences.

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Shot for the Wild Hymns

35mm film

4 Speed Magazine

I have been working with Jeremy Bevienour of No Dice Productions on a very special project!

A magazine dedicated to the originals.

Keep your eyes peeled because I promise you, you are not going to want to miss this.

Issue one to be release this October.


mama ness



Photographed by yours truly on Polaroid Film

Models:Lucy Sarah, Jess Ness, Jamie Over, Emily Etcetera

Stylist: Lillith Rentzel

Third Eye: Lucy Sarah

Cosmic order

The process of creating this series was so extremely powerful for me.

I was working with Britta Pollard, the model for the first time.

I had an extremely busy week and wanted to cancel more than anything so I could rest. However, I decided it was against the best interest of art to do so.

I had no idea how the scene was going to come together as I had not been inspired by anything I was pulling and could not figure out wardrobe at all.

I did not know anything about the details, I just knew I had to show up.

So I did.

We got to the studio and I observed as it began to unfold.

The scene began to take shape, the character began to form. Britta, the model, Lucy Sarah, my third eye, and myself merged minds within the space and then blew that mind to oblivion.

What I thought was going to be a giant fail, ended up being perfectly psychedelic and it just got better.

We shot two different scenes, one which has not yet been revealed.

I got the film back a few days later and was elated with the results.

It is truly amazing what can happen when I show up and the importance of showing up was confirmed when almost immediately after I got this roll back, Sunshine Gallery called me to be a part of a pop up show.

When I asked them what the theme was they told me it was "Space Lounge".

They had no idea but I had the perfect series to show!

The event was amazing and it was the first time my lover, Joe Martin, and myself had the opportunity to show together.

Lesson Learned.

The resistance to creating space conducive to creating can sometimes be daunting but I am consistently shown within the workings of cosmic order that the energy carries.

We are but channels for the creation.

Keep on creating,cosmic travelers.

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All images shot on 35mm film

Model: Britta Pollard

Hair: Rachel Allen Dennis

Mua: Leah Rose Kolakowski

Third Eye: Lucy Sarah